Wednesday, 15 September 2010

kiki,halloween with attitude!!

Ok ok so she isnt really gonna scare your gran,but she is fab non the less,and giving halloween a bit of her attitude. Saying that she could also be used for many other occasions as she is such a useable digi and with her 'oh so sweet 'bear. I really loved the cards i made,i found it great fun thinking about how they would work,and it all helps in the long run with my drawing as well. so if you wanna see more of kiki then run,run as fast as you can over too here! Thanks for looking,hugs sam xx

Dexy the Devil.mwah ha ha ha!!

Hi all,wow is it the windest day today.Just got home from work and wanted to dazzle you all with another one of my new cheeky chappies for halloween.Here is Dexy and is he a cutie of a devil or what,love him to bits,this was one of my favourite cards i made,as i am so very much a novice i was major pleased with how it all turned out,so if you love him too you can find him Here! Hope you are all havin good day and not been blown into next week,hugs sam xx

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Halloweenies !!

Hello there all,just couldnt wait to show you one of my new fab halloweenies and the card i made with him. His name is monty and he is super cute and i love him so.If you love him too you can find him at here and you can have him as your new super cute best friend,awww. Thanks for looking,hugs sam xx

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Lily skating

Ok so bet you getting sick of me,but if i dont do this today when at lou's then wont get done for another week or more.So heres another lily and look at her skating,Omg gotta love those colours,love the green with the pink,and hope you love them too. If you love her too shes here,lol.Hugs sam xx

Friday, 3 September 2010

OMG its me again!!!

So heres another one,lily's presents. Am just loving the colours with this one,was trying to not to keep using Christmas colours,and am pleased with how it turned out,for the novice i am,lol.
So hope you enjoy and in case you wandered am using a schedule post bit so that can do all one night and then let them post themselves over the next few days,very clever,thank lou for showing me that one. And you can find lily's present here.
Hugs sam xx

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Ben skiing!!! He he he

Hi its me again posting twice in 2 days,i hardly believe it myself,lol. But heres another piccy off the new circles,heres lovely Ben skiing and you can find him here.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

The new Boo circles.

Hi there all,

So am still without internet but have made some of my own cards in this time and have managed to blag a bit of time on lou's connection to post a pic of one of the cards. So here it is and hope you like,please be kind!!!
Hugs sam xx