Monday, 7 February 2011

Love is in the air xxx

Hi all on this very windy monday night. Cant believe the weekend went by so fast,i love the weekend and spending time with my gorgeous kids. We made some cakes and then my eldest wanted to do some drawing so we all pulled out our paper and pens and did some doodling,it was the best and i wish it didnt have to end and be monday again. But it is so i thought i would pop one of my romantic cards before valantines day. This one is called "princess dreamer" and she is such a sweet looking princess and i love how the card turned out,which isnt something i say very often,but even the photo came out half decent,am so chuffed. So hope your all having a fab evening and i cant wait for the wind to die down,seriously i dont think my hair can take much more,lol.hugs sam xx

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Scorch an a fab night at my little sisters xx

Hi all so ok i know i hav put scorch on before and so it may look abit odd that i have another card with him on. But i went to my sisters last night and i havnt seen her what feels like forever,and we got round to making a card each,which is pretty impessive as normally we just laugh alot and talk a lot of waffle which also makes me laugh and then i go home with no cards ever made. So e did the same layout but obviously they came out very different so here is mine,and you can find my sisters fab card her at loopy lous loopy thought,she is far the better card maker than me and i bow down to her amazing talent,it is jus lucky for me i have her to point me in the right direction,i just love her sooo. So check out our cards and hope you love them,thanks for looking,hugs sam xx

Friday, 14 January 2011

Oh he's a hot one...Scorch!!

Hi all,well its friday again,so will stop dancing around my living room for a second to show you one of my new digi's called scorch. Im not dancing just because its friday and i have the day off,but just because sometimes its good to have a bit of a bum wiggle,especially when the kids are at school and less likely to look at me like i have gone mad. I just dug out an old cd i hadnt listened too in forever and i just cant get enough,shake it shake it!!

Anyway this gorgeous guy is called "scorch" and i loveeee him. Again i know i am not the most brilliant card maker but i do try and so here he is in all his dragon glory,awwww. Hes over on Cuddly Buddly along with so many other amazing crafty things. I have to get on with the next collection soon,i was going to do some painting but the naft cold weather has totally frozen and set solid my paints,so i guess i will go back to abit of dancing before i settle down for abit of sketching. Thanks for looking and hopefully im not just talking to myself,lol,another thing my kids dont find so cool,i dont know,lol.

Hugs sam xx

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Sleepytime xx

Well its wednesday already,how the days fly by. Had a lovely day with one of my best friends,she is awesome and always makes me laugh so was a great way to spend my day off. But its back to school tommorow for the kids so it was bath,and bed once we got home,even though lily protested she didnt really need to go to school as she could count to ten and that was all she needed to know,lol,bless. So in thinking of her getting ready for sleep here is one of my new digi's called Sleepytime. She looks so peaceful and like she hasnt a worry in the world. I never get bored drawing fairies,i think because they were the first things i drew once Boo was born they will always be my favourites. So i hope you love her too and thanks for popping in to look

Monday, 3 January 2011

Is it friday yet,lol.

Ok so it isnt friday its monday,so a long way yet,lol,so in the mean time i'll share another newbie with you all. Work was a typical monday,there was a sale mess and refunds galore,but i'm still smiling and heres one of my new cards -penny wishes. I like this card,i like to believe that wishes come true even if they take a while to get to you,so this card makes me smile. I admit i'm not the best card maker,i try, but my sister has all the talent in that area,she makes the most fab cards ever, But i keep trying and so i hope my attempts arent too bad on the eyes,lol and that my oh so talented sister doesnt cringe at my attempts,lol.
So if you believe in wishes and want to make a wish you can this image over here in cuddly buddly. The shop is choca bloc full of fab things you cant help but want it all. So thanks for looking and hope your week goes smoothly and i'll go back to drawing and wishing,i'm better at that,lol.
thanks for popping in,hugs sam xx

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Hurrah to Fairy tales xx

Wow i am still excited by my new digi's,nothing beats seeing them on the Cuddly Buddly shop page looking all fab and colourful,im like a kid in a sweet shop,all cheesy smiles. :) So let me share another one of them with you as they keep my mind of the crazyness that are sales,work is just one big clean up when its sales,its like the stuff in the shop i work in just keeps throwing itself on the floor in protest of it being put in the sale. So before i waffle much more heres one of my new digi's and this one is called Dreamer,isnt she just gorgeous. I love how she sits there watching the world go by,its like you could colour her in make her double sided and hang her in your window to keep watch over you. I chose to make the card a "miss You" card as she does look like she is waiting and watching and sometimes you just need to tell people that you miss them,i know im a soppy old so and so. Of course she could be used in so many other ways,but i felt that was the way for me when i coloured her. So hope you love her and if you want her then she is over at fab Cuddly Buddly along with my other new digi's. Thanks for looking in and takecare,hugs sam xx

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Year

Well hello there all and Happy New Year to you all. So christmas has come and gone and yes my tree has come down (since it had been up since the end of october,lol) Hope you all had the best time and got lots of nice things,i had a great gift today seeing that my new images are now on the Cuddly Buddly shop. My new range is Fairy tales,i am after all a big kid at heart and just cant get enough of dragons and unicorns and wishes. So am so excited to start my new year today with them available for you all to see. So i'll try to keep popping on over the next week or so to show you some of my new digi's and hope you all love them too. So here is my first new image,her name is Harmony and she is the cutest of unicorns. She is available to buy here at Cuddly Buddly along with a whole gang of other fairy tale delights. Am so cheesy happy to be starting the new year with my new images and may have to go lie down before i get too excited,lol. Hope you love them and hope to hear your thoughts on them. Again Happy New Year and lets hope it brings us all our hearts want. Love and hugs sam xx

Sunday, 7 November 2010

New cards

So its sunday,ive been to a 6 year olds birthday party,far too much energy for me,lol. Then me and the kids had a womble round our local garden centre in the christmas decorations part,OMG it is a glittery,wonderful winter wonderland. I love all the decorations,but as my house is the size of a postage stamp there is only so much you can put up decoration wise,so we bought a few bits,and went home to put them on the tree.....yes you read that right i have my tree up!!!! in my defense lily is only 5 and she just wouldnt take no for an answer (i blame her,he he he) but its up,its sparkly and it makes me smile,lol,complete with the home made fairy.

Anyway when i wasnt doing all theses things i also made a few more cards with some new lily-boo digis which are available to buy over here! so here are a few more of my cards,i especially love the reindeer,he is so happy with his carrots,awwww and thanks for looking,big hugs sam (and her christmas tree xx)

Thursday, 4 November 2010

OMG how many pens!!!

Wow just been on Enfy's blog and she is giving away not one.....oh no no,not 10.....but wait for it 148 fab promarkers so get over to her blog now and get your name on that list,after all its not long till christmas.

Tag it - Get funky challenge

wow, I haven’t blogged forever! I am a baddddd blogger.

So here I am entering my first ever challenge! How brave am I?!!!

This is my super funky tag I have made for the get funky challenge blogs “tag it” challenge.

I used the awesome freebie anice made up that is over on the funky hand website (page 2,under ‘craft downloads’)

I love the freebie because the papers are so me, I love flowers and polka dots!!!

So i cut out some flowers and added some ribbon and Ta Da i made my first tag,hope its not too tragic,lol and thanks for looking and well keep your fingers crossed for me!!

Hugs sam xx