Sunday, 2 January 2011

Hurrah to Fairy tales xx

Wow i am still excited by my new digi's,nothing beats seeing them on the Cuddly Buddly shop page looking all fab and colourful,im like a kid in a sweet shop,all cheesy smiles. :) So let me share another one of them with you as they keep my mind of the crazyness that are sales,work is just one big clean up when its sales,its like the stuff in the shop i work in just keeps throwing itself on the floor in protest of it being put in the sale. So before i waffle much more heres one of my new digi's and this one is called Dreamer,isnt she just gorgeous. I love how she sits there watching the world go by,its like you could colour her in make her double sided and hang her in your window to keep watch over you. I chose to make the card a "miss You" card as she does look like she is waiting and watching and sometimes you just need to tell people that you miss them,i know im a soppy old so and so. Of course she could be used in so many other ways,but i felt that was the way for me when i coloured her. So hope you love her and if you want her then she is over at fab Cuddly Buddly along with my other new digi's. Thanks for looking in and takecare,hugs sam xx

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  1. oh big sis, i miss you too!! lol!!! :)
    its only been a couple of days though and i will see you tuesday!!!! gorjuss card too hunny, love you oodles xxxxxx


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