Monday, 3 January 2011

Is it friday yet,lol.

Ok so it isnt friday its monday,so a long way yet,lol,so in the mean time i'll share another newbie with you all. Work was a typical monday,there was a sale mess and refunds galore,but i'm still smiling and heres one of my new cards -penny wishes. I like this card,i like to believe that wishes come true even if they take a while to get to you,so this card makes me smile. I admit i'm not the best card maker,i try, but my sister has all the talent in that area,she makes the most fab cards ever, But i keep trying and so i hope my attempts arent too bad on the eyes,lol and that my oh so talented sister doesnt cringe at my attempts,lol.
So if you believe in wishes and want to make a wish you can this image over here in cuddly buddly. The shop is choca bloc full of fab things you cant help but want it all. So thanks for looking and hope your week goes smoothly and i'll go back to drawing and wishing,i'm better at that,lol.
thanks for popping in,hugs sam xx

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  1. Oh blush blush! thankyou big sis xxx
    Fabby card too hun love your new bloggy set out too. (Thanks to jules for sharing her bloggy layout knowledge too xxx)


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