Friday, 14 January 2011

Oh he's a hot one...Scorch!!

Hi all,well its friday again,so will stop dancing around my living room for a second to show you one of my new digi's called scorch. Im not dancing just because its friday and i have the day off,but just because sometimes its good to have a bit of a bum wiggle,especially when the kids are at school and less likely to look at me like i have gone mad. I just dug out an old cd i hadnt listened too in forever and i just cant get enough,shake it shake it!!

Anyway this gorgeous guy is called "scorch" and i loveeee him. Again i know i am not the most brilliant card maker but i do try and so here he is in all his dragon glory,awwww. Hes over on Cuddly Buddly along with so many other amazing crafty things. I have to get on with the next collection soon,i was going to do some painting but the naft cold weather has totally frozen and set solid my paints,so i guess i will go back to abit of dancing before i settle down for abit of sketching. Thanks for looking and hopefully im not just talking to myself,lol,another thing my kids dont find so cool,i dont know,lol.

Hugs sam xx


  1. Ooh Sam he is a cutie and I love your card. Glad u are havenge a good boogie. I know what you mean though Benn dies a thousand deaths if I so much look as though I am going to start singing or dancing lol.
    Max x

  2. ooooh check him out!! loving the flowers! ok big sis with all this crafting you are doing it must almost be time to raid lil sis's scrap paper box again?!!! xxxxxxxxx

  3. hi sam ,
    when did you make this blog lol :) ,i was thinking why nothing was coming up on my dashboard lol. hes stunning hun , sound like you had a great evening hun huggs jo xxxx

    p.s card is very stunning xx


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