Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Sleepytime xx

Well its wednesday already,how the days fly by. Had a lovely day with one of my best friends,she is awesome and always makes me laugh so was a great way to spend my day off. But its back to school tommorow for the kids so it was bath,and bed once we got home,even though lily protested she didnt really need to go to school as she could count to ten and that was all she needed to know,lol,bless. So in thinking of her getting ready for sleep here is one of my new digi's called Sleepytime. She looks so peaceful and like she hasnt a worry in the world. I never get bored drawing fairies,i think because they were the first things i drew once Boo was born they will always be my favourites. So i hope you love her too and thanks for popping in to look


  1. Hi Sam, love it sooo cute love the ripped paper effect,have left a message on dt page on why have not been around.
    Hope you had lovely xmas and a wonderful new year x x x x x x
    Karen x x x

  2. thought i had commented on this one already? i must be loosing my marbles......nope checked they are already gone!!! lol!!!! love this little cutie patootie too. hugs xxxxx


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